Saturday, June 24, 2006

Intro to blogsphere

Okay, this blog has exsisted since April, I deleted the earlier posts in favor of following the Library Learning 2.0 initiative.

Here's a few things about me.

I'm a private person so this part is very hard. I have worked for PLCMC since May of 1988, yep that's 18 years now. I'm not young but I like to think young. I consider myself pretty technologically savvy and like to play with geeky toys. It's one of my faults.

I have 2 great daughters who are grown and on their own. Catra is at University of North Carolina - Charlotte studying Biology, she plans to earn a teaching certificate to teach science and math in the public schools. Kjersti is at University of Wisconsin - Madison studying Scandinavian Studies. She is preparing for study abroad next year, her senior year, in Bø, Norway to gather material for her senior honors thesis on Folk Music and Identity in Norway. She hopes go for a Masters in either Anthropology when she gets back. She entertains the notion of journalism after she finishes school like her hero, John McPhee.

I have filled my empty nest with a pair of female cats, VW, a tortoiseshell, and Patina-Luna, a tabby. They are very cute, cuddly and lovable.

My husband and I are restoring a 1942 post-bungalow cottage in the Plaza Midwood area. This will keep us busy until we are too worn out to do anymore. Hopefully that will be after it's in fairly good shape and comfortable to retire in.

Okay, the easiest Habit of Lifeling Learning for me is #6, Play! I do this every chance I get so it was a natural for me. I mentioned before playing with geeky toys is one of my faults. It's nice to be encouraged to pursue it. The hardest is #1, the end changes day to day, mostly because technology changes every day. But I do have goals, I just keep them flexible to match the changing face of technology.

That's enough about me for now.