Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This was almost too easy! I had my account set up and the first Jott done within 5 minutes. That included verifying my email etc. I can really see the use for this when you are listening to the radio and want to "Jott" down a name, book title, or song title. Of course I recommend having some kind of hands free headset.

I personally prefer the wired head sets. I know everyone is going Bluetooth but there are some serious considerations when looking at Bluetooth.

Bluetooth makes a serious reduction in battery life for your phone, requiring more frequent recharging. I can go 3 days without chanrging. Bluetooth reduces battery life to 1/3.

Many bluetooth headsets are heavy and not particularly comfortable after only a short time wearing it.

Bluetooth is not (I repeat, NOT) a secure connection. Anyone may listen in so if you are discussing personal info , such as SS# or credit card info, you are taking a big risk of identity theft using bluetooth. Although it is possible tap into any cell call or any other phone for that matter, most cell phones allow encryption that will reduce the risk considerably. Using a bluetooth headset is about as secure as using a megaphone, it doesn't even take any special equipment to tap in.