Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thing 33: Expressing myself

It's not often I can create some art that I can appreciate. I frequently tell people "I am artistically challenged", or "I married an artist since I am not one". I will say that the Stringspin was fun I created 2 masterpieces, one with each version:

Anyway I still am behind 2 more Things so I must keep going.

Getting back on track

This summer has been incredibly complicated. One staffer is a new father, another has been in high demand as a conference speaker, and yet another is on a Technology Scholarship. Add to that mix, 2 week long summer camps for kids with the attendant planning required. A collection of animations to edit together as a video for the lobby Plasma Screen. But it doesn't end there, I was also active in the Harry Potter and Jim Dale event planning and those ended up being major projects too. To say the least I've barely had time to think much less keep up with the Learning 2.1 activities. I plan to work on those as soon as the Animation video is finished.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to state that some of the blogs here may not be mine. I have added my daughter, Kjersti, as a guest blogger here. Kjersti had a blog she kept last year Curry Potatoes. She was dong a year of study abroad in Bø, Norway. It was an experience of a lifetime as her blog shows. Kjersti plans to go for an MLS now that she has finished her undergrad work and that's why she will be contributing to my blog. If all goes well she may be starting her own Learning 2.1 blog. She has applied for several PLCMC positions and finally has an interview coming up next week.