Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Photobucket and Meez

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Now here is where I think Photobucket shines. The Avatars are fun! Though I did get frustrated that not everything is free. This is a mashup of Photobucket and Meez avatars. Since I was using it through Photobucket I didn't even have to sign up with Meez, how slick can it be?

I chose to dress in what I would wear were I a 20 something, cropped cargo pants, boots. I do wish I could have found the hair in other colors, like green or bright red. The animation is Global Warming and since it's summer and we barely had a winter this year, I'm feeling the heat, though that might just be that I'm in my 50's but still think young.

Still I managed to get this not only posted to Photobucket but it adds to your blog easily too! My only comment is that you have to go into the blog to add the text as an edit. Other services just give you the code and you paste to the blog. See the ToonDoo post a bit back. There I could chose between a straight post and a flash file, I used the flash so moving your mouse pointer over the comic will scroll dynamically.


HeleneB said...

i lik it :)

Jamie said...

I really liked the Meez too! Although I think most of the time I use Photobucket because it is so thoroughly integrated with so many social networking and blogging services, particularly Vox and Scrapblog (which is my next topic, BTW).

Jamie said...

Some of the hair does come in other colors; it might depend on the hairstyle. Click the name of the hairstyle below the text "More info" and you should see a selection of colors to choose from.