Monday, April 21, 2008

Tom Lehrer and Google

I was happy to see that Google paid tribute to Tom Lehrer in their Official Blog this week. His 80th birthday is just past and I realize that the old vinyl disk we raised our daughters with is long gone. I wonder if any of his tunes are on iTunes?

It pleases me that the company that brings me such helpful items as Docs and Blogger also shares an appreciation of the same wit and intellect that I do. Perhaps I'm not such an old fogey after all.


Christine said...

Tom Lehrer Community

You might find a lot of surprises in some of the entries in our comm.

Peruse it, if you will, in your copious free time. :)


Muggie said...

Thanks, Christine.

BTW, I found an album of Tom Lehrer tunes in iTunes but sadly not performed by Tom. :(

Muggie said...

Lyrics may be found at: