Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blogger Beta

For any of you who have read this blog before, it has a new look.

For everyone else I'm playing with the new Blogger Beta which is now tied to my Gmail account. There are several new features and I have better control of the location of items. So be forewarned, things will change and I'm playing. That's all for now.

Oh, one change is faster posting. So I no longer see the % complete screen when publishing a new post or making a change to a post. I do like that. It alone is worth the trouble of the upgrade.

If you are interested in my Beta testing trails you might want to read my other blog: PuterNotes

1 comment:

Muggie said...

Found another thing about the switch, the pages moved and I had to go clean up the posts in the L2 log. It's done now and all should actually work.