Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Getting attention

Seeing my Motivational Poster created in Flickr toys from fd on Tame the Web did give me a bit of a thrill. Thanks to Helene for pointing that out to me. It seems someone commented on it there too, so I now fully understand some of social networking appeal.

Well, I did say I am relatively private so I don't normally take to a lot of social stuff. Anyway it's a flash in the pan and will be yesterday's news very soon. I think what held me back so much has been my tendency to see 2 sides of every arguement. Now that is a boon when dealing with someone who is unhappy with a library policy but can hold you back when it comes to embracing new things like social networks. So I wasn't the fastest to embrace social networks. I think part of it is being highly satisfied with my life but now the kids are grown and I filled the hole of their launching with a pair of kitties, I've realized my husband and I are a bit insular. I tease him that he's downright neolithic when it comes to computers. Which is why I gave him the google search page there. At least there is some point to going home.

Anyway I now have a new 15 minutes of fame to add to my Employee Spotlight.

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