Sunday, August 13, 2006


I am interrupting a bit to work on migrating to a MacBook at home. So this post is about my journey in that realm. So far I have OpenOffice running in X11 since it's built for Unix not Mac OS X. It runs great despite that and I really like it aside from seeing my USB drive. For now I do it all on the Mac desktop and copy to the USB. Played with the new apps like Garageband, iWeb, and Photo Booth. Of course I now have a new digital camera too since all MacBooks have iSight so I'll include a couple photos of me on Flickr for your enjoyment.

The next major project is getting Windows Media Player 10 to run through WINE. Success here might help a few of our patrons with NetLibrary on Macintosh. It won't fix the whole iPod thing though. I'm going for pure Mac and thus don't want to sully the machine with a dual boot, okay I admit it, I'm just too poor (after buying the Mac) to buy a new copy of Windows XP and I can't move the one on my rapidly dying PC since it's just SP1. If this works I get to use Netlibrary on the Mac since I have a Creative MP3 not an iPod and I can use Audilbe on it too. Yeah, although Audible likes both the Creative Player and Mac OS, they don't like them at the same time. Kind of a pickles and ice cream thing. Anyone know how the idea of pickles and ice cream for pregnant women started. I tried it on a dare when I was expecting and I swear it was what caused the Morning Sickness I got.

So that's my tech travels this week, next week is Tagging.

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