Friday, August 25, 2006

Fun with Flickr Toys

I just added some plcmcl2 photos to my Flickr page a couple with the fd flickr tools. Here's the fun Motivational photo I created.

This one Russ posed for a photo at the Tech Central
sign and is now the cover of a gossip Mag.

This isn't my usual type of thing to play with but I can see uses for it all and will likely play some more over time.

I also played a bit with SitePal. Now other people can see that I'm secretly a really funky gal.

RSS, I got that one down. But I can always look at some more. This is why I abandoned my regular Yahoo and the funky avatar in favor of Yahoo mail beta. I get my RSS feeds right in the mail window.

1 comment:

Helene said...

Love all 3 - especially the movtivational poster. Can I borrow that?