Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Skype fun and function

Okay I should be able to do this with iChat since we both have macs but for some reason we can't connect now we are on different networks. But Skype not only let's use talk between my old and soon to be laid t rest PC and her mac but also both of our Mac's with only one issue fixed with a headphone to eliminate the feedback of our mics picking up the other's voice out of the speakers. Anyway this past weekend we had about 3 conversations and could have included her sister if she had the time. We use Gmail chat a lot too but the voice is better. I need to get her a webcam so we can turn it into video calls. Since the daughter I'm talking to is in Bø, Telemark, Norway, this is really wonderful.

Of course, at the risk of showing my age, I will say that I remember when a call between Alaska and Alabama through the regular telephone system was full of delays and frustration. It was 1972 and my brother was living in Kodiak Alaska. There was at least a 5-15 second delay between when I finished speaking and when he heard me finish, again a similar delay between his starting and my hearing him. It was far more like CB or Ham radio than a phone call. Skype isn't substancially different from using a telephone to talk to someone in the same building. It is another case of our flattening world.

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