Wednesday, August 30, 2006

RSS and all that Jazz...

RSS is almost old to me. I've switched from subscribing to many of the list serves I formerly had, when RSS became available for them. I'm using Yahoo mostly since with Yahoo Mail Beta it is in my mail, kind of a one stop shopping. However I do play with Technorati and bloglines sometimes too. It is hard to set limits and putting them in folders for blogrolls can be useful.

I did use Technorati to find PLCMCL2 blogs and found my Flickr toys blog along with 3 other staffers. I particularly liked Julie B's King Peep Stamp.

I have found kind of a mixed bag on Librarians Internet Index but they are having fun preparing for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Here's the post from Sept 14, they have lots of piratical websites to play on. I started subscribing a while ago and often see references to Web 2.0 and other such. Last week they did a bit more play.


Avast, me hearties!

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