Sunday, August 27, 2006

Writely as a blog editor

Ths is my first Writely document and so far I don't see a lot to get used to. I find that Google does a good job of keeping you free from viruses such as disabling macros etc. I've been playing with Gmail spreadsheets too and kind of like them though there are things I miss from a regular spreadsheet app like Excel or OpenOffice Spreadsheets. Like dragging a formula down a row, and auto fill features. It's also kind of clunky adding a new row since they only let you do it a row at a time.

Ohhh. I just noticed the Blog tab. Well, I don't see it published but it is in my postings so I'll finish it here and post.

That's my new play this weekend. Now to go install Boot Camp and Windows on the MacBook so I can finally get going on the screencast of NetLibrary. I think I'll try using WMP 9 first and do one for each of the 3 versions of WMP there are out there. Helene asked and I frankly hadn't used 9 in so long I forgot how to sync with a player. However, I do know that NetLibrary says that 10 is better and ofcourse now MS has a beta of 11 available. Wouldn't it be great if it would talk to iPods? I didn't see anything to that effect and I hardly expect it MS would tell people that iPods are losing ground to other Windows Plays 4 Sure players. Perhaps but iPods hold the biggest single market share. Even is Plays4Sure is catching up. you would think with Jobs owning a chunk of MS shares they woulf talk to each other better.

Off to play...

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