Monday, September 04, 2006

Rollyo searches and Library Thing

This is fun, I haven't actually made my own but using rollyo to limit to a few websites likely to have what you want is pretty neat. I found "Ask Mr. Fix-it" and decided to see what I could find out about Shellac there, we have a 1942 house we are restoring and my husband was wondering just what it is. Wow, all we ever wanted to know and then some.

Another good roll was "Mac Search". I set up my account and plan to play a bit now.

I also have a few of my too numerous to count collection of books on Library Thing. It's hard to believe we got rid of 2 boxes of books last year. I think I'll start lining all the outside walls with bookshelves, it's "bound" to increase the insulation. Of course we nearly always have several on the bedside table and nearly all are nonfiction! I did use a Library Thing Widget to post my current reading on my blog. Hmm, wonder if there is a site like this for movies, that would be fun. If anyone has found one let me know! I remember reading about one but can't remember the name. I know Amazon and NetFlix will help me find other similar books and movies but I rather like using Library Thing.

Wow, I can import my bookmarks, yeah, now that's helpful. I have a whole range of bookmarks and here's where I can upload them. If you could download them again it would make a good way to back them up. Haven't found that yet though.

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