Friday, September 22, 2006

Technorati blog searches

Well, the biggest limit I see here is that the blog writer needs to claim the blog on Technorati. I tried adding my daughter's to my favorites and it shows up but I can't use Technorati to go to it. Instead I get told the blog has not been claimed and thus can't be found. However, I was able to find several fellow staff through searching for PLCMCL2 and liked that. I find the biggest help are the widgets that can be added to my blog allowing other people to search my blog.

Just finished looking at Digg and found an interesting insight on the the rise in blogging. Martin Neumann's Blog Columnist. To a degree I suspect there are a lot of blogs of no consequence and he does make the point that we need to get out and enjoy the world we live in and not let blogging rule our lives. I think I'll go to bed early now.

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