Friday, September 29, 2006

Tracking the blog

I added a Statistics Counter from StatCounter last Friday. I had no idea how many people were finding my blog! I was playing with StatCounter today and discovered they have a cool mashup with Google Maps on there so you get a map of where your hits are on a world map. I had a hit from Thailand, India, and Spain! Also New York, Michigan, California and lots of other places along the east coast of the US. I just added a blocking cookie to my browser that keeps my visits from being counted and confusing the counts. Of course, I have to do it on the PC's I use at work too but the hard part is remembering to do it. I feel a bit slow not doing this right way. I knew I have readers as I have some comments. Helene I know has viewed it a few times, so did Jamie and some other PLCMC staffers. But now I know not only how many but where they are and what brought them to me. I was pleased to see several from and technorati, but also a few from search engines I hadn't heard of.


Jamie said...

Where did you get the tracker that shows where the hits come from?

Muggie said...

Sorry, it's The tracker includes that service. I'm using the free version so I can only keep the last 100 hits. However you can reset periodically to clear out old tracks.