Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thing 23

Wow, this is the end but I for one will continue with these tools.

Well, it's been a busy journey but since I'm on the Emerging Tech and Tech Talk Teams I think I need to finish before some of the rest. I did enjoy the exercises and was very thrilled to see my motivational poster hit Tame the Web. I've found some new tools for my box, explored others in new ways. I feel I also picked up ideas for my Systemwide Strategic Planning Team.

Given all that I really feel that this has been very useful. Yeah, a bigger player will be great to have and a chance at the Laptop would be fine (it would be used mostly for work, I promise). But that didn't really effect my thoughts here since I can see some great ideas for marketing the library with YouTube (ex. our Studio I submissions). This couldn't have been done at a better time despite how busy we all are with the SSP teams etc. The thing is I see both as going hand-in-hand. What better way go with Strategic Planning than to explore some of the technologies that could allow us to move forward into the 21st Century! I see this as a kind of brainstorming for the teams. Technology is moving to Web 2.0 whether we are ready or not, and a basic part of Strategic planning is exploring the technologies that will embrace it. One of the main points of Library 2.0 is meeting our customers where they live and that is very much in the Web 2.0 World. It's time we move forward into this world and use it along side the technologies we already have. Let them support and expland each other.

Finally, I suspect the incentives got more than a few motivated but for me I hope PLCMC also wins greater "buy-in" (to quote Lydia and Martin) by staff to these new resources and tools.

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Lori said...

You finished a while ago. Great job! I'm just getting caught up with my RSS feeds!