Friday, September 22, 2006

Wiki, Wiki, Travels

Here's were I think we are missing out. For any of you who visited the Bull Run Wiki, they have a welcome right on the page for those of use participating in PLCMC's 23 Things. It was cool, but I can see lots of great uses for Wiki's in Libraries.

Limited to library staff they can offer and open collaboration between staff for sharing ideas and concerns. Perhaps not replacing our Intranet but building on it and opening it to all staff sharing ideas, knowledge, and resources. Don't get me wrong, I was early on a member of the Intranet Team participating in it's evolving into PLCMC Central. I feel it has a well established place in our toolbox but we also need open collaboration between staff of all levels to keep that ball rolling. Imagine a ready reference Wiki to for all staff to share where to find what in Charlotte and online? A program ideas Wiki for staff to share their successful and perhaps not so successful programs. Perhaps that program that flopped at one branch would be a major hit at another.

But why stop there? A Wiki can make a powerful tool for marketing our bookclubs and the sharing of ideas by our public as well, such as the Book Lovers Wiki from Princeton Public Library.

Really the possilbilities are endless.

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