Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Web 2.0 sites

Well, this was a tough one since we have used so many of the sites listed. However, I couldn't resist the offer to explore Threadless since I joined threadless earlier this month. My daughter introduced me to them and I personally think her wearing her Be Green T-shirt into ImaginOn is why we did so well on the Leeds Certification.
Be Green - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

This is just a part of the great graphic but it is also a link to the page for this shirt that is sadly on the out of stock page. I also like many others but sadly since they aren't really library apporved apparel I can't wear many to work.

On a related not, I was perusing the Genuine Scooter Co page today and found this great photo. Genuine and Threadless are only a couple blocks from each other in Chicago. Since my husband rides a white Stella to save gas, they get 90 mpg, it was only natural for me to love this bike. I just might have to get him to put one of the stickers I got with our T-shirts on his bike windscreen or helmet. On weekends when I work you might see his bike in front of ImaginOn if he joins me for lunch. Maybe I'll get him to give me a ride someday once he takes his driving test and can take passengers.

I also played a bit with Wayfaring and had fun making my own map. I included the major locations I worked at with PLCMC over the past 18 years and counting. I also included a few of my favorite stores, including where we adopted our lovely Stella.

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Jamie said...

"Muggie," the t-shirt from Threadless is BEAUTIFUL! I have a few from Threadless already that I really like, but that may be the best one I've seen there.